Daniel Quat Not to love Spa simply impossible

Даниил Квят: Не любить Спа просто невозможно

On the eve of the Belgian Grand Prix racer Toro Rosso Daniel Quat said that the track in Spa is so good, what’s not to love it.

“Spa is a legendary track, and every year I’m waiting for the local stage, said Danny. – This is definitely one of my favorite tracks, and not just my… Not to love him is simply impossible!

The route of great historical heritage and at the mere mention of it in my head immediately POPs up a legendary turn “Red water”, but I have to admit that here all the unique twists and turns.

It is also the longest track on the calendar. It is very smooth. Only here while walking along the track we change to scooters.

Another interesting point: the track is so big that in one part it may rain and the other dry. It makes the race more interesting, and we need to be ready for anything.

Also on this track easy to get into someone’s slipstream, which is especially useful in the qualification”.

His teammate Carlos Sainz added: “I love coming to the Spa, because on this track there is everything you need: long straight where you can overtake, but also great twists, especially in the second sector. In terms of vehicle balance and settings, it is difficult to find a compromise, but I like that challenge.”

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