AMuS: Williams offered Alonso a place at the season-2018

AMuS: Williams предложила Алонсо место на сезон-2018

As reported in the German edition Auto Motor und Sport, Williams has offered Fernando Alonso a place in the cockpit for the season-2018.

As previously reported, Alonso, he has to decide his future in September. At the present time the situation remains unclear with McLaren team began negotiations with Renault to supply engine, however it is unlikely they will contract. Alonso hinted that he didn’t want to risk it with Honda fourth season in a row.

As for the three top teams, there’s hardly waiting for Alonso because Ferrari are going to leave Sebastian Vettel, in Mercedes of Valtteri Bottas and Red Bull all have long-term contracts.

At Renault, with which the Spaniard won two titles, will spend a couple of seasons at least to the refinement of the car and engine before you will qualify for podiums and victories.

In Williams there is a potential location for 2018: perhaps veteran Felipe Massa decide to retire. Especially at the end of this year, the Brazilian’s contract is up.

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