Alain Prost In Hungary and Robert Kubica have to show my maximum

Ален Прост: В Венгрии Роберт Кубица должен показать свой максимум

Advisor Renault F1 Alain Prost believes that Robert Kubica has a chance to return to F1, but that he should exert maximum effort.

Today, August 2, on the tests at the Hungaroring Robert first sat behind the wheel of the Renault RS17. As of 13:00 GMT he drove 51 circle, and is in fourth place in the intermediate results table.

Video: Robert Kubica yourself “has replaced” banner over the garage Renault

“As soon as you start to plan your return to sport, you need to show your maximum. This is particularly important in the case of Kubica, – said in comments – He is testing the car in 2017 on the road, where he has the guidance [from the Hungarian Grand Prix-2017].

Of course, it’s a great story. It is obvious that Robert has recovered after a rally crash. I hope that one day he will return to F1, if it is possible.”

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