Maurizio Arrivabene: we Need to determine is the Formula 1 or the circus

Маурицио Арривабене: Нужно определиться, это Формула 1 или цирк

The head of Ferrari, Maurizio Arrivabene has left a direct comment on the incident between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton at the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.

The boss of the Scuderia, only hinted that he was unhappy with the fact that the stewards ignored the actions of the pilots Mercedes.

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“Well, in the end, Vettel finished ahead of Hamilton. But we have to analyze what happened, – quotes Arrivabene F1Passion. – Complain about not our style, but given the incident between Raikkonen and Bottas, and then between Vettel and Hamilton, you need to decide is the Formula 1 or a circus. If we in the circus, let’s issue a corresponding Directive.

But we are not going anyone to criticize, because it will be more like excuses. It is important to look forward and concentrate on work.”

Nevertheless, the head of Ferrari has responded to the criticism of Vettel from the non-Executive Director of Mercedes Niki Lauda.

“Lauda may say what he pleases. Let talk and we will work – continued Maurizio. – Everyone has their own point of view. He will speak at the next stage in Austria, and we will listen. There is still 12 races.”

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