Felipe Massa about Alonso: If you feel bad, it is better to go

Фелипе Масса об Алонсо: Если тебе плохо, то лучше уйти

Former teammate Fernando Alonso Felipe Massa admitted that he understands the frustration of the Spaniard, who spends his worst season in his entire career in Formula 1, and believes that he could say goodbye to the “Queen of Motorsport”.

“Fernando complains about the Formula 1 because he has a bad car, explained the Brazilian in an interview with El Confidential. – F1 is exactly the same as in the 80s.

Now, thanks to Liberty we are moving in the right direction, attracting more fans, but from us, the racers, a little that depends – it’s a very big difference between Mercedes, Ferrari and the rest of the peloton.

Small teams should have more opportunities, but until 2020, when it signed a new Agreement of Consent it is impossible.”

After his fairly successful debut in the race “Indy 500” Fernando stressed the relaxed atmosphere typical of many American series.

“If you feel bad, it is better to leave, – said a Lot about the situation Fernando. – It seems that he is now a little like that, so that he can take this step.

Or he goes to another team in F1, or accept a new challenge outside of this series. We do not yet know.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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