Felipe Massa: I am sure that Vettel did not overtake Bottas on the last lap

Фелипе Масса: Я уверен, что Феттель не обогнал бы Боттаса на последнем круге

Racer Williams Felipe Massa said that it is not blocked Sebastian Vettel on the last lap of the Grand Prix of Russia.

The Brazilian was as pie when he caught up with two leaders. If your ex-partner at Williams Weight missed fast enough in the second turn, the fact that Vettel kept during the whole of the third turn, and when overtaking at the entrance to turn four Sebastian himself hesitated a bit.

Sebastian Vettel: It is the day of Valtteri Bottas!

“I left him enough space on the inner side of the track, departing on the fourth turn, but he didn’t want to enter a turn, – quotes Mass AUTOSPORT. He was scared to dive inside despite the fact that I totally went to the left side. After that, I immediately missed it. In any case, he could not overtake Valtteri on the last lap, I’m sure. Although Sebastian likes to complain.

I’m happy for Valtteri, he deserved today’s success. Many have underestimated him, but I’m immediately after signing the contract with Mercedes saying that he’ll do well. And so it happened. In his fourth race for Mercedes, he won.

Now, winning the race, he will become another pilot. In the future he will achieve even more.”

Text broadcast of the race Grand Prix of Russia with the photos and videos you can view on our website.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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