Would know prikup, would live in Sochi! Overview of the betting odds ahead of the Grand Prix of Russia

Знал бы прикуп, жил бы в Сочи! Обзор букмекерских коэффициентов в преддверии Гран При России

In the coming weekend will be the fourth stage of the world championship Formula 1 season 2017. The race this time will be held in Sochi Olympic Park.

The Grand Prix of Russia will be the fourth in the history of our country a stage of the Formula 1. The previous ended with victories of the pilots’s the Mercedes, but this year gives us a great fight, so expect a thrilling battle between the leaders of the season – Mercedes and Ferrari.

If we return to our forecast the Bahrain Grand Prix, everything that we predicted has come true. If our readers would repeat our rate is significantly enriched. So, extreme Express with a total coefficient 37.4 completely passed. As we expected, the winner was Vettel, and the top three was completed by the two Mercedes drivers. Also our prediction on bets on ricciardo against Verstappen was justified, albeit not without a little luck.

And, of course, we guessed that Kvyat will be higher than Sainz. The accident between Sainz and Stroller allowed Daniel to get ahead of his teammate.

But ahead a new route and who knows what will give us the Grand Prix of Russia in 2017…

As you know, the Sochi track is very demanding on the motors, this was due to the total advantage of the Mercedes at the last Grand Prix. But this year, as we can see in the first two stages, the picture is quite different.

In the new season, we have partnered with the betting company “Liga Stavok”. When you register through this link you will receive a bonus from Autopartsway in the amount of 500 rubles.

Знал бы прикуп, жил бы в Сочи! Обзор букмекерских коэффициентов в преддверии Гран При России

Experts of the Russian edition Autopartsway examined the line of the bookmaker Liga Stavok, noting the interesting options.

Let’s start as usual with single bets.

The bookies will be performing again Lewis Hamilton, and his victory is estimated above, than at the Grand Prix of Bahrain, by one-tenth. It is in principle nothing says. So, putting on Brit, you can win 1.9 times your stake.

Second, as always, is Sebastian Vettel, but the odds on his victory are now substantially undervalued. 2.2 victory at the Russian stage vs 2.8 on the triumph in Bahrain. Bookmakers fear is understandable, but they are not so well versed in what the track is suitable. We this time will prefer a leader Mercedes. If a weekend will pass without incident, Lewis is able to claim his third victory at the Sochi Autodrom.

Again, like last time, we recommend to bet on the victory of Hamilton in qualifying. The qualifying pace of the Mercedes is clearly higher than that of rivals, and pole performed by Lewis is real. And the ratio is quite decent – 1.55. At the last stage Bottas managed to soak a qualifying score, but this time, we think such a scenario is unlikely – Lewis has already sensed danger and will not repeat the mistakes.

Next on the list are the nominal second numbers of Mercedes and Ferrari. Moreover, the odds for their victory are growing every Grand Prix. This suggests that the bookies do not see them as real contenders for victory. Victory Bottas is estimated at a high 8, and Kimi Raikkonen and all in 15. And, we think, in Sochi you can take a chance and put a small amount on the victory of the Finn’s Mercedes. You can also take a chance and try to do ordinary to win Bottas in qualifying – factor is very decent – 3.5.

Знал бы прикуп, жил бы в Сочи! Обзор букмекерских коэффициентов в преддверии Гран При России

Next come the representatives of Red Bull Racing. Moreover, the odds are already very high compared to previous races. So, the victory Verstappen is estimated at 30, and Riccardo – 35. This indicates a clear problem of the team from Milton Keynes. This year it is clearly not enough speed to fight for victory.

For fans of multiples, we can offer two options:

• Bottas winning the race – 8
• Vettel above Raikkonen – 3.8
• Kvyat above Sainz in the race – 2.0
• Riccardo above Verstappen in race – 1.95
The total ratio will be 118,56

• Hamilton winning the race – 1.9
• Weight above Strolla in the race – 1.22
• Hulkenberg above Palmer in the race – 1.35
• Perez above the window in the race – 1.37

The overall rate will be 4.28

Of course, there are many other options – you can dial in the Express and more events and increase your multiplier to over 100, but the more pairs you put in your parlay, the greater the chance that someone from the pilots will let you down.

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen, and view the Grand Prix will bring you even more emotions!

Знал бы прикуп, жил бы в Сочи! Обзор букмекерских коэффициентов в преддверии Гран При России

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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