What will be the Formula 1 in the year 2027? Renault has offered its vision…

Какой будет Формула 1 в 2027 году? Renault предложила свое видение...

The company Renault has introduced its vision for the future of Formula 1 in ten years, which includes the radical concept cars, new technical regulations and changed the format of the race.

In General, the concept car resembles the idea, which a year ago introduced Mahindra for electric racing series Formula E for 2022-2023. An interesting idea is the backlight of the front wing and rims, and a fully transparent helmet, which will allow viewers to see the face of the rider.

Car R. S. 2027 will be all-wheel drive and is equipped with two ERS systems on the front and rear axles, with a capacity of 500 kW versus 120 kW at the moment.

Какой будет Формула 1 в 2027 году? Renault предложила свое видение...

The total capacity of the power plant will be 1 MW and the weight of the car will be equal to 600 kg. fuel tank Capacity for ten years reduced by half, to 60 kg, and in the pit lane the cars will move in all-electric mode.

The safety of racing will be enhanced by the Autonomous control mode in the event of an accident on the track, and the head of the rider will be protected by ultrastyle system of closed cockpit made of polycarbonate. Communications will allow drivers to clearly know the location of each other on the track and on pit lane.

While fans will be able to monitor telemetry in the network. It is also proposed to introduce a system of FanBoost, which is currently used in Formula E and the time will be finalized. Assessment of interaction of riders with the fans in social networks will be drawn up a ranking, the results of which the best will get extra engine power in the last laps of the race. At the same position in the ranking will be displayed on the wheel.

“One of the objectives of Renault Sport Racing is to attract the maximum possible number of fans is the goal of the group Renault – said managing Director of Renault Sport’s Cyril Abitbul. We hope to hold a discussion with the racing community, fans and enthusiasts about this concept, which emphasizes our ideas and desires”.

Какой будет Формула 1 в 2027 году? Renault предложила свое видение...

Renault also added that their vision of the future involves cost containment that is expected to attract more manufacturers and teams, and to increase the level of competition.

The development of the machine, under the proposed regulations in 2027 will be limited to the revision of the front and rear wings, underbody, engine cover and diffuser. During the season teams can use no more than three different configurations of the machine.

Not paid attention to Renault and the format of the competition, proposing a reduction in the distance of 250 km and split it into two parts – the long race and the final sprint. Friday night would be the night race with a substitute pilots and beginners, and the official training started on Saturday morning.

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