What does the concept of Renault S. R. 2027 on the future of Formula 1?

Что говорит концепция Renault R.S.2027 о будущем Формулы 1?

What will happen to Formula 1 in the future? It is no secret that the championship often prefer to work in the short term, therefore, attempts to predict what will happen to the “Royal racing” in ten years, look extremely optimistic.

However, this week the concept artists from Renault presented their own vision of how it will look like a F1 car in 2027. Is it believable? AUTOSPORT tried to understand the project.

The first thing that catches the eye is easy. Compare the concept with the current F1 car with elaborate aerodynamic elements mounted wherever possible. R. S. 2027 looks on this background is extremely simple.

What will be the Formula 1 in the year 2027? Renault has offered its vision…

Instead of complicated twists and wings the concept includes active aerodynamics and rear wing extends as a road car and replaces the DRS that should reassure critics. In the front wing flaps removed – this reduces drag and helps to increase the maximum speed.

Что говорит концепция Renault R.S.2027 о будущем Формулы 1?
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In the concept of S. R. 2027 and includes active suspension, which allows to change the height of ground clearance and kontroliruya movement of the chassis on all axes in accordance with the characteristics of each individual track.

The machine is equipped with protection system cockpit made of polycarbonate. The dome is low enough that air flow is smoothly passed over the car and the impact of turbulence on the rear wing was minimal.

Due to the hinged mounting on one of the side pontoons protective screen opens from left to right – it must provide the rider more freedom when leaving the cockpit.

Renault has also ensured that fans still could see the rider at work behind the wheel, since the protective screen is transparent.

As for the engine, Renault has combined the technology of F1 and Formula E to create a hybrid power unit with a capacity of over 1300 HP.

The internal combustion engine of the present configuration V6 Renault has added two electric motors of 250 kW, forming a more powerful system ERS.

Что говорит концепция Renault R.S.2027 о будущем Формулы 1?
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To make maximum use of this tremendous amount of power, Renault has maintained wide tyres introduced in F1 this year, but with a much lower profile.

Low profile tires are less susceptible to deformation under load, allowing riders to feel more confident at high speeds.

The downside is that the car reacts more sensitive on bumps, but the use of active suspension will help to compensate.

Что говорит концепция Renault R.S.2027 о будущем Формулы 1?
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Combined with huge capacity, wide tires and a total weight of only 600 kg, this machine will be blazing fast on each section of the route.

Like any vision of Formula 1, R. S. 2027 based on imagination of concept artists, but at the same time, Renault has relied on predictions about the development of automobile technology in ten years.

Overall, it was very believable, and the concept of the power plant is an advanced version of what we have today.

While it is impossible to say whether F1 will continue to move in the current direction. But regardless of what will happen in the next decade, we can be sure that the cars remain incredibly impressive. Concept Renault is proof of that.

Что говорит концепция Renault R.S.2027 о будущем Формулы 1?

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