Valtteri Bottas up To second in the race to have time to do much

Валттери Боттас: До второго поворота в гонке можно успеть сделать многое

Pilot Williams, Valtteri Bottas hopes he can be successful start with a third place at the Grand Prix of Russia.

In qualifying, Bottas lost to the winner of the pole position Sebastian Vettel 0,095 seconds, while Kimi Raikkonen, who became the second – 0,036 seconds.

“The qualification result clearly shows that the Ferrari was faster than us, said the Finn. – Yes, in the end-in we were close to the opponents, but it was not enough.

Honestly, throughout the weekend, they had the advantage. They were able to squeeze more speed, especially from Ultrasoft tire. On Friday we had problems with the pace in the Ultrasoft, but in qualifying we managed to add in this component.

Still, the team did a great job in the race we will start from the second row. In addition, an important only Sunday’s result.

Third place in qualifying in Sochi – a good result. To the second corner you can have a lot of work to do.”

Text broadcast of the qualification of the Grand Prix of Russia with the photos and videos you can view on our website.

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