Valtteri Bottas If need be, I will miss Hamilton

Валттери Боттас: Если потребуется, то я пропущу Хэмилтона

Valtteri Bottas admitted that he is not concerned about the use of team tactics in the Mercedes at the previous stage in Bahrain.

During the race at Sakhir two weeks ago Finn coming then the second, twice asked to partner Lewis Hamilton. Bottas in both cases obeyed, but did not see this problem.

“We have not discussed this topic, and I don’t think it is necessary, – quotes Bottas – Mercedes has never been separation of the first and second numbers and never will. This team always gives equal opportunities to the racers.

But this year is different. In previous seasons apart from the competition was greater, so if one driver was stuck behind another, then it was worth nothing. But I understand that in the current season in such a situation there is a risk of losing points.

I believe that my best performances are still ahead, and not think about anything like that [team orders]. I am sure that the team that is needed.”

At the same time, Bottas made clear that when using different strategies ready to miss Hamilton and hopes for the same from the partner.

“If I have any problems during the race, we are on different tactics or Lewis gets stuck behind me, and the team asks him to miss, I am ready to put it forward, he continued, Valtteri. – Of course, I’m going to try not to let that happen, but I’m a team player. Ultimately, this will benefit the team and me.”

Between me and Lewis is a good professional relationship. This is very important, and this is exactly what I was used to speaking with Felipe Massa for Williams.

We don’t meet Lewis beyond the race track, except the last Tuesday. In my opinion, this is the normal working relationship between the teammates.

We respect each other, work well together and try to help the team because this year in the fight for the title is every little bit counts”.

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