Toto Wolff: We decided with Lewis all the problems

Тото Вольф: Мы решили с Льюисом все проблемы

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff said in an interview with AUTOSPORT that fully resolved all disputes with his players Lewis Hamilton after a meeting during winter break.

Last year Lewis lost the title to his teammate Nico Rosberg, after which he began to Express the team’s claim for shift engineering teams before the start of the season. Also the British did not like that too often with his engine was having problems with.

At the final Grand Prix of Abu Dhabi Hamilton, despite the victory, studiously slowed down to create additional problems for Nico Rosberg.

A few weeks later after the final wolf was invited Hamilton to his home for dinner to discuss disagreements.

“When in the course of the season, the situation begins to deteriorate, many things remain unsaid, – said wolf. – At the end of the season you can just come as they are, to perform and to dot the “i”.

There is no absolute truth, and not situations where someone is 100% right and the other wrong. In all, it is important to find the cause”.

Wolf added that in the interview they both realized, at some moments it was necessary to act differently. However, such a situation is inevitable when there is a fight for the championship.

“We always learn something. It is impossible to demand from the ambitious racer F1 result and hope that he will remain with the corporate robot, continued wolf. – Nico, Lewis, and Valtteri [Bottas] understand what it takes to build these cars and recognize their responsibility to the brand and all those whom they represent.

But the drivers are such that sometimes you start to think only about themselves. For four years we have several times disagreed on. In retrospect it is clear where someone is wrong, so it is important to understand and develop.”

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