Toto Wolff: Tonight we will have something to celebrate

Тото Вольф: Сегодня вечером нам будет что отпраздновать

Head of Mercedes Motorsport Toto Wolff commented on the success of the team at the Grand Prix of Russia.

Despite the difficult first two days, when the “Silver arrows” had problems with maintaining the operating temperature of the tyres, Bottas streaked into the lead at the start and during the first half of the race was the fastest, but in the end kept the pressure of Sebastian Vettel.

“Everything went great. The race was very tense. We had a good pace from the start, but you saw that as soon as we stopped for a pit stop, Kimi Raikkonen added. We knew that in the end have to hard. So, in fact, happened, – quotes Wolff Sky Sports F1. – You need to give credit to the guys in the team who figured out the problem on Friday’s training, especially on long series of circles. At a key moment of the weekend we’ve played.

This season, we can a good start. We reviewed the procedure. Probably, the third place is the most convenient starting position on the track in Sochi.

Valtteri is a very nice guy, I’m proud of him. In the last laps he was under serious pressure from the four-time world champion, kept his cool on the radio and did not make any mistakes.

I am very happy, tonight we will have something to celebrate. But at the same time, we need to understand why the car Lewis today, not enough speed. I think that 30 seconds lag is not an indicator, but at the end of the race Hamilton had no claim.

We were counting on the strategy and the possible departure of the safety car – it was the only opportunity to fight for third place, as Raikkonen was stunning pace.”

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