Toto Wolff: Pascal was a fracture of the cervical vertebra

Тото Вольф: У Паскаля был перелом шейного позвонка

Head of Mercedes Toto Wolff told why protégé of the German producer for so long recovering from the accident at the Race of Champions.

Wehrlein moved before the start of season 2017 Sauber, however during the Race of Champions in January, he suffered a serious neck injury.

The German was forced to miss preseason tests in Barcelona, the first Grand Prix of the season in Australia and a weekend in Shanghai.

It is unknown whether Wehrlein to perform in Bahrain next week.

Тото Вольф: У Паскаля был перелом шейного позвонка

“He made a wise decision [not to race in Australia], discussed everything with me in advance and Monisha [Kaltenborn, Director of Sauber] – said wolf in an interview with German TV channel RTL. We respect his decision. In the beginning of this week we again discussed this issue.

In principle, we could force him to speak in China. He’d arrived at the start, struggling with the effects of time zone differences, and then immediately would go to Bahrain. Not the best preparation. We decided to give him another ten days for it to finally come into shape. In Bahrain it needs to be fully prepared”.

Wolf added that Wehrlein was lucky enough to do relatively small damage.

“As a result of the accident the cervical vertebrae Pascal shrank and broke, explained wolf. – He was lucky that he escaped more serious injuries. For several weeks he could not turn and was forced to wear a neck brace.

He almost didn’t train. In the end he lacked the strength to drive a car”.

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