The results of the contest Autosportlive and Sochi Autodrom on care

Итоги конкурса АВТОСПОРТ и Сочи Автодрома на внимательность

We are pleased to summarize the results of the joint competition of the Sochi Autodrom and Autosportlive care, which took us from 13 to 18 April.

Recall that the contestants had to follow the news, which mentioned the Grand Prix of Russia, to find words that are not relevant to the context and one to collect the final proposal.

Latest news “a Thousand people will ensure sports safety at the Grand Prix of Russia” with the code word “Wake up” was published yesterday at 21:02. The correct answer was the sentence: “to win the race, you must first Wake up”.

Correct answers fell almost immediately: 21:06 had received five correct answers, but the most efficient turned out to be our subscriber of the VC Leonid Klyuyev. Him our congratulations.

The editorial office will contact with Leonid on the transfer of the won tickets.

It should be noted, of course, that many began to send the answers in advance, trying to guess the correct sentence, but it was the wrong tactic.

Stay tuned, we still have the tickets will be drawn and Russian competitions and international races, but next year we again will invent for you new competitions to win tickets for the Grand Prix of Russia.

Last tickets for VTB FORMULA 1 GRAND Prix of RUSSIA 2017 on sale on the website of the organizer

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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