The policy Group intends to discuss the situation with Honda

Стратегическая Группа намерена обсудить ситуацию с Honda

The policy Group intends to consider amending the rules to help Honda to come close to their competitors.

The start of the season-2017 was released for the McLaren-Honda tense and difficult due to problems with speed and reliability of the power plant. A year ago, the FIA and manufacturers in addition to the extension of the regulations until 2020 agreed to reach parity engines.

The FIA said that for this purpose, we analyze the capacity of each power plant in the first three races of 2017, and if the difference is conventionally calculated on the lap around the track in Barcelona will exceed 0.3 seconds, it will have to intervene to the Strategic Group.

The head of the Department of power installations FIA Fabrice Lom last year explained the whole process: “We will carefully check every round each car in the first three races, then we calculate the maximum performance of each power plant in the conditions of each race and take the average value.

So we get the performance index for each power plant. Then we will translate this index into the appropriate parameters of the track in Barcelona, so, we get the lap time, and will be able to understand the difference in the times.”

Now it turned out that the plan to assist Honda will be discussed at the meeting of the Strategic Group on Monday.

Race Director McLaren Eric bulge beyond the question of parity engines intends to discuss the position of Honda – however, the leader is skeptical about providing Honda assistance from others.

Стратегическая Группа намерена обсудить ситуацию с Honda

“We need to raise the issue, explained Beaulieu. – I don’t think anyone wants our raise based on performance, but it would have been fairer.

I’m not saying that we need to help defeat the best – enough to get close for a distance of 0.3 seconds in terms of performance.

Formula 1’s would benefit and would attract more manufacturers to the sport, and fans would love to see a more intense struggle on the track.

But the fact is that wanting to see us competitive very little”.

One possible solution for Honda can be a waiver of fines for the use of additional elements of the power plant to a Japanese manufacturer was able to modify your engine with a smaller sight on reliability.

To like realized now, all the teams should Express their unanimous consent, but if changes will come into force in 2018, it is enough for the vast majority.

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