The future of Red Bull Racing in F1 depends on the decision of an independent supplier of motors

Будущее Red Bull Racing в Ф1 зависит от решения по независимому поставщику моторов

Consultant to Red Bull Racing Helmut Marko has urged the leadership of the Formula 1 as soon as possible to implement in the championship independent supplier of motors and announced that from this decision depends the future of the Austrian team in the sport.

Helmut Marko: Barcelona Red Bull Racing will bring an updated chassis

“We hope that in 2021-m in sports will have an independent supplier of engines, – said Helmut in an interview with the official F1 website. – This is extremely important: the motors should be simple, more loud, and their cost must be below ten million.

Now we’re talking about less sophisticated engine compared to what we use now. We need a simple racing motor. There are plenty of companies who can supply such units.

We expect that the new owners of F1 together with the FIA will discuss this question until the end of this season. If this does not happen, we will not be able to guarantee their continued participation in the championship.”

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