The FIA has clarified the requirements for a clearer display of the numbers and names of drivers

FIA разъяснила требования к более чёткому отображению номеров и имён гонщиков

The FIA presented the details of the rules about the clear display of numbers of machines and names of riders that will take effect with the Grand Prix of Spain.

As reported by AUTOSPORT, in a letter to the race Director FIA’s Charlie Whiting says that from now on the height of the rooms should be not less than 230 mm, and the inscriptions with the names of 150 mm. it is possible to use as the full name of the pilot and the official abbreviation used in the schedule of the broadcast, HAM (Hamilton) or VET (Vettel).

Article 9.2 of the sports regulations of Formula 1 says that the number must be clearly visible from the front of the car and on the helmet of the rider.

“We demand that the number of each car was clearly visible from the front, the letter says Whiting. – We believe that this number should be at least 230 mm in height, having a line thickness of at least 40 mm and be contrasted with the background.

As for the name of the driver, the requirement is that the name of each rider [or abbreviation of three letters] clearly displayed on the outside of the machine housing. We believe that to clearly display the height of the labels must be not less than 150 mm in heights, to have a thickness of 30 mm and contrast with the background.”

Whiting also added that in case of noncompliance with the rules, the car may not be allowed to start.

“We expect that in Barcelona, all cars will be presented with this clearer identification, said racing Director of the FIA. The stewards will report on any machine that does not meet the minimum requirements specified above”.

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