The F1 racers suggested another way to protect the cockpit

Гонщикам Ф1 предложили еще один способ защиты кокпита

Today, after two training sessions of the Grand Prix of China during a briefing riders showed an alternative solution for the protection of the cockpit.

In 2018, the FIA promised to introduce a system of “halo” designed to protect the pilot’s head from falling into it various items.

This time the riders had offered a sort of “shield”, resembling the concept of a protective screen, suggested Red Bull. The idea that the “shield“ covers a large area of the nose cone than the “halo” or protective screen.

It is expected that this decision will be more organic look on the car, but his defensive stats are considerably lower in comparison with the same “halo”.

Гонщикам Ф1 предложили еще один способ защиты кокпита

To know the opinion of the riders on this occasion, the FIA and briefed.

The Haas racing driver Kevin Magnussen expressed his opinion in an interview with AUTOSPORT: “I would not began to install anything. I like it as is. In my opinion, visibility [“shield“] will be much worse, at least in wet conditions.

Last year in Brazil and so we almost didn’t see anything, but with protection it would be impossible to see.

Perhaps in good weather, this decision will not interfere, however, if the glass will start to form a condensate, we are faced with problems. See how in the end everything will be resolved”.

Racer Toro Rosso Daniel Quat also said that thinking about a new concept: “It’s not even “halo,” and worse, because we do not see. “Shield” will always be dirty, so I don’t believe in this project”.

Гонщикам Ф1 предложили еще один способ защиты кокпита

Ward Haas Romain Grosjean added: “Among the racers there are those who support a speedy introduction of “halo”, as well as those who do not want to change anything.

As for me, I oppose the “shield“, shield and “halo”.

F1 finally returns to the cool and aggressive car, and I don’t want to ruin the achieved results”.

Despite the fact that the FIA intends to introduce protection already in 2018, no specific agreement on the type of protection was not.

Until 30 April changes in the technical regulations can be made with majority support, after – only with the unanimous consent of the teams.

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