Statistical preview of the Grand Prix of China

Статистическое превью Гран При Китая

The second stage of the 2017 season will be the Grand Prix of China, the statistics which we present to your attention.

Racing history

The Shanghai international circuit in 14-th time will host the Grand Prix of China. Ferrari, who won in Melbourne, is coming here in the hope to continue their winning pace, but the Italian team did not celebrate success in Shanghai in 2013.

And Ferrari and Mercedes won here four times, a record.

Despite the fact that the race is held in April since 2009, the Grand Prix of China has never been the second stage in the calendar.

Статистическое превью Гран При Китая
© 2016 LAT Photographic
The pilots and their success

Lewis Hamilton is the most successful driver in the history of the GP of China on account of his four victories. Here twice and won Fernando Alonso, Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen have one Victoria in the asset.

Alonso finished in each of the races. But two years ago he has failed to overcome the entire distance, because of its MP4-30 was twice overtaken by a circle. Most likely, the situation will be repeated in 2017.

12 months ago on the catwalk in Shanghai went to Daniil Kvyat, but after a few weeks Red Bull Racing has lowered it to Toro Rosso after a poor performance at the home race in Sochi.

Last year the first and last place of the grid was taken by the Mercedes drivers: Nico Rosberg started from the pole position, and Hamilton due to technical problems in qualifying had to start the race from the tail of the peloton. During check-Briton managed to win 15 seats to finish seventh, although it was not the most successful comeback in 2016. Later on GP of Belgium he played 18 places during the race.

In 2016, to finish GP China came all the 22 cars, but two weeks ago in Australia, the checkered flag saw only 13 pilots, from 20.

Статистическое превью Гран При Китая
© 2016 LAT Photographic
The times

In the calendar of the F1 circuit in Shanghai is unique because the fastest lap on it was installed in the race, while normally the lap time set in qualifying, when cars drive with low fuel in the tanks.

In his debut GP China 2004 Michael Schumacher, trailing the leaders on the circle, managed to flashed Shanghai ring for 1.32,238, which was 1.7 seconds faster than the pole position Rubens Barrichello.

Despite the fact that the record was set on the V10 engine and the machine with high level of downforce, it’s still hard to believe that the record Schumacher stood still. But if Saturday is dry, it is possible that fast cars 2017 will be able to surpass this figure by the end of training.

Fast laps on the Grand Prix of China


Overtaking is the most hotly debated topic of the start of the season 2017. In Melbourne overtaking there was very little, but the pilots admit that this is due to the configuration of the route in albert Park. China to overtake much easier, and proves that the information of Mercedes.

“Some believe that last year’s race in Shanghai consisted mainly of fake overtaking, – stated in the press release of the German team before the start of the weekend. – Cars needed corny to wait for the activation zone DRS on the straights where overtaking was carried out.

In 2017 after a realistic goal you can take 28 of overtaking in the race of 2015, because in 2016, was a chaotic first lap, the early departure of the safety car and a breakthrough Lewis from the tail of the peloton”.

The number of overtaking in the Grand Prix of China

According to the materials F1Fanatiс

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