Sergey Vorobyev: the Final attendance of the Grand Prix of Russia in 2017 will not disappoint

Сергей Воробьев: Итоговые показатели посещаемости Гран При России-2017 не расстроят

The promoter of the Grand Prix of Russia Sergei Vorobyov on the eve of the start of the race weekend at the Sochi Autodrom on the progress of ticket sales, and expressed confidence that the final results of attendance will not disappoint.

“Expectations for sales are to be fully observed, all is well, – quotes Vorobyova R-Sport. – We have a unique product – a Friday ticket, it is very popular. This is an opportunity for local residents to see the Formula 1. Everyone knows that Sochi is the Motherland of the Russian Formula 1, but not everyone has the opportunity to attend the race. By selling the Friday ticket, we still, many residents pulled out on the Sochi Autodrom. I am sure that because of this people will be more understanding to watch TV and next year will come to a full Grand Prix, including race. I am sure that the final attendance this year will not disappoint”.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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