Sauber and Honda is ready to sign a long term contract

Sauber и Honda готовы заключить долгосрочный контракт

As it became known edition of AUTOSPORT, in the near future, the team Sauber will sign a contract with the manufacturer Honda to supply engines in the season of 2018.

Swiss team gets a power plant Ferrari since 2010, but recently the partnership has not the best times. For this reason, for some time, Sauber is actively negotiating with Honda, and currently in a long term contract agreed upon only the final touches.

The end of season 2017 portends difficulties for Sauber, as the team uses last year’s installation of the Italian manufacturer. The transition to the new engines will be the last step in the process of restructuring the team, which started with the emergence of new investors in July last year.

When Honda returned to Formula 1 in 2015, she signed with McLaren agreement under which team-the client may receive from the manufacturer only after approval from both sides.

However, the rules have changed, and now the FIA can force the manufacturer with the least number of clients to provide engines needy team.

At first Honda did not attempt to acquire the team by the client, but agreed to make it mandatory, if required by the FIA.

When last season’s results, McLaren-Honda went a bit up, the manufacturer began to seriously think about the conclusion of the contract with the client team.

Last summer, Honda has expanded its base in Milton Keynes, to provide space for the production of a larger number of engines, and shortly thereafter, negotiations began with interested parties.

Sauber immediately stood out among the rest, especially given the problems with Ferrari.

Last week McLaren racing Director Eric boullier admitted that Honda would benefit from cooperation with the teams-customers, given the serious problems of the Japanese manufacturer.

Sauber и Honda готовы заключить долгосрочный контракт

However, boullier warned that Honda could not afford to be distracted from the main programme with McLaren.

“I think the more teams the better, and the greater the mileage the engine spool – said bulge. But you have to pay resources to a greater number of engines.

Whatever happens, we’re partners, so we will support Honda in the delivery of engines to teams for customers, but provided that it will not harm our partnership.”

The official announcement about the deal Sauber-Honda is expected in the coming days. Engine manufacturers must notify the FIA about their teams and customers in 2018, not later than 6 may.

The last time Honda supplied engines to customers from mid-2006 through 2008 – and then it was Super Aguri.

Sauber и Honda готовы заключить долгосрочный контракт

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