Place your bets, gentlemen! Overview of the betting odds ahead of the Grand Prix of Bahrain

Делаем ставки, господа! Обзор букмекерских коэффициентов в преддверии Гран При Бахрейна

In the coming weekend will be the third stage of the Formula 1 season 2017. The race will be held at the famous track Sakhir in Bahrain and promises to completely different weather conditions for the participants compared to the first two stages. About the rain here to speak of. Pilots waiting for one of the hottest weekends, except, of course, the summer Grand Prix in Azerbaijan and stages in Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

The start of the season gave us a fight between the two teams. Ferrari in the person of Sebastian Vettel took a big step forward in the pursuit of Mercedes, and now we all witness the battle of three-time world champion four times.

On the other hand, we have the example this year, we also understand that the pilots play a huge role, not only cars. Many said that any pilot is able to win the Mercedes. But the example of Valtteri Bottas says the opposite. Both he and Kimi Raikkonen is now clearly inferior to their first numbers and even lose the pilots of Red Bull Racing, although the Renault engine clearly inferior in power and Ferrari, and Mercedes.

Делаем ставки, господа! Обзор букмекерских коэффициентов в преддверии Гран При Бахрейна

And if last year the struggle between the leaders were within one team, now for the victory fighting two different teams, it promises a tense struggle and unpredictable results.

Well, the more interesting will be the season 2017. Given the fact that while he could not impose struggle leaders Red Bull, but they can be added during the season, the intrigue in the championship in the near future tense to the limit.

The more interesting all the fans will follow the Formula 1 races. I hope the season will meet our expectations, and even the reduction of overtaking in the race will not affect the entertainment of the Queen of Motorsport.

This year we have partnered with the betting company “Liga Stavok”. When you register through this link you will receive a bonus from Autopartsway in the amount of 500 rubles.

Experts of the Russian edition Autopartsway examined the line of the bookmaker Liga Stavok, noting the interesting options.

Let’s start as usual with single bets.

Victory for Lewis Hamilton in China has raised its quotes in the eyes of the bookies and now they are making it win the race even less than two, namely 1.8. We think the ratio is very low, given the degradation of the tyres to Sakhir and different tactics. Moreover, Lewis now says that in Bahrain it will be very hard to cope with Ferrari. The confusing looks the coefficient on the victory of Sebastian Vettel, namely 2.7. For single bets, this is a very high rate, and we would recommend to take the risk.

Again, like last time, we recommend to bet on the victory of Hamilton in qualifying. Qualification rate them clearly higher than that of rivals, and pole performed by Lewis is real. And the ratio is quite decent – 1.6.

Делаем ставки, господа! Обзор букмекерских коэффициентов в преддверии Гран При Бахрейна

Next on the list are the nominal second numbers of Mercedes and Ferrari. This time the victory performed by Bottas will bring you win 7 times your stake as in the previous Grand Prix.

Winning the race Kimi Raikkonen is estimated to have a fairly high 9, that seems a fairly high rate. The 2007 world champion, is quite capable to compete with his teammate, Briton from Mercedes. Kimi is clearly unhappy with his performance in China, and he will have something to prove. The podium in his performance is estimated at 1.8, which is quite acceptable.

Next come the representatives of Red Bull Racing. Moreover, the odds are already very high compared to previous races. So, the victory Verstappen is estimated at 30, and Riccardo – 35. This indicates a clear problem of the team from Milton Keynes. This year it is clearly not enough speed to fight for victory.

From single bets with an interesting factor of our editorial staff would like to note the following.

The victory of Daniel Riccardo on max Verstappen to race for 2.0. We do not agree that the young Dutchman is the favourite in this fight..

Win over Daniil Kvyat and Carlos Sainz in the race for the 2.4. Kvyat should start to beat his teammate, and while the score 2:0 in his favor. Sure, the odds are in Bahrain, Daniel be.

For fans of multiples, we can offer two options:

• Bottas in the top 1.65
• Vettel win – 2.7
• Kvyat above Sainz in the race – 2.4
• Riccardo above Verstappen in race – 2
• Higher Grosjean Magnussen in the race – 1.75
Overall rate of 37.4

• Vettel in the top three in the race – 1.15
• Weight above Strolla in the race – 1.2
• Hulkenberg above Palmer in the race – 1.4
• Hamilton above Bottas in the race – 1.25
• Perez above the window in the race – 1.3
The total ratio will be 3.13

Of course, there are many other options – you can dial in the Express and more events and increase your multiplier to over 100, but the more pairs you put in your parlay, the greater the chance that someone from the pilots will let you down.

Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen, and view the Grand Prix will bring you even more emotions!

Делаем ставки, господа! Обзор букмекерских коэффициентов в преддверии Гран При Бахрейна

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