Pirelli: New intermediate tyres allow you to go seven seconds faster

Pirelli: Новые промежуточные шины позволяют ехать на семь секунд быстрее

The head of the Motorsport Department of Pirelli’s Mario Isola commented on the use by pilots in the first day of racing weekend in China the new rain tires and intermediate tires.

Despite the fact that together, on Friday, the racers spent on the road in less than 20 minutes, the Pirelli were convinced that the new generation tire allows cars to go much faster than in 2016.

So, the best time max Verstappen exceeded the figures for the third leadership training in Shanghai in 2016, which took place in similar conditions.

Max Verstappen leads shortened first session of the Grand Prix of China

“Today was the debut of the specification of the intermediate and wet tyres 2017, – quotes the Isola official website of F1. – In addition, we have there is another compound rain tyres, which should provide a greater level of grip.

Testing the new tires was not enough productive due to lack of time spent by cars on the track. Nevertheless, we were convinced that the best time max Verstappen has surpassed the fastest lap on intermediate tires in China in 2016, for seven seconds.

Weather forecast for the next days is uncertain, therefore, it is difficult to imagine how conditions will be tomorrow and on race day”.

The second session of the Grand Prix of China did not take place

It is also noted that on Friday in China ten teams wrapped around 473 km away, and two weeks ago in Melbourne the figure was 5024 km.

Text broadcast took place in the Grand Prix of China is the second workout with pictures and video can be viewed on our website.

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