Pirelli is opposed to the freedom of choice teams of rubber compounds

Pirelli выступает против свободы выбора командами составов резины

The head of the Motorsport Department of Pirelli’s Mario Isola said that the F1 teams do not give complete freedom in the choice of compounds for a particular Grand Prix.

At the moment the Big Prizes has a system that restricts teams to selecting rubber.

F1 legend Alain Prost believes that complete freedom in this matter will make the race more diverse.

However, Isola strongly disagree with this point of view, as it is, in his opinion, can lead to uniformity of policies and even to the fact that the car does no longer have to call in for pit-stops.

“If the teams are to choose the hard compound, you may be able to drive the whole race without any stops in the pits,’ said Isola in an interview with German magazine Auto Motor Und Sport. – If possible, most teams will choose the strategy”.

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