Pascal Wehrlein struck Me was their physical form in Bahrain

Паскаль Верляйн: Меня поразила собственная физическая форма в Бахрейне

Sauber racer Pascal Wehrlein admitted after the race in Bahrain that he was surprised by his own physical form in the third stage of the F1 season 2017.

Recall that Wehrlein had to miss the first two Grand Prix because of a broken vertebrae received in the accident at the Race of Champions in January.

Wehrlein believes that a key role in his physical readiness for the stage played an intense physical workout.

“I’m surprised by its shape, said Verlan in an interview with AUTOSPORT. – In principle, we expected that, because to me, quickly returning strength. The last two weeks of training were decisive.

From the performance point of view the race was great. I’m glad I was able to return to competition – it seems that I did not break at all.”

Despite the fact that in the race he had no problems, even when he fought with Daniel Cuatom, Wehrlein still felt pain after the finish.

“I feel good, but after a long race neck hurts a little, – continued Wehrlein. – I’m really tired, but it’s probably because of the heat”.

Wehrlein also believes that the weekend in Bahrain was a great way to respond to the previous criticism. The German acknowledged that some negative comments still reflected on it.

“I had a good weekend mentally, now I know their ability and pace, but the last three weeks gave me a hard time, – said Pascal. – People often comment on my situation, saying that I need and don’t need to do, despite the fact that I had no idea what it is.

The best response to critics of the result in the race.”

Wehrlein has no doubt that could not perform at the same level in the Grand Prix of Australia. Then the driver started the training, but was forced to give place Antonio Giovinazzi.

“In Melbourne it was impossible to go, – he explained. – Neither my back nor my physical condition would not allow me to speak. Then it took just eight weeks after breaking three vertebrae, of which I could not move for five weeks.”

Паскаль Верляйн: Меня поразила собственная физическая форма в Бахрейне

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