Moniz, Kaltenborn Sauber can earn points in the season-2017

Мониша Кальтенборн: Sauber может заработать очки в сезоне-2017

Head Sauber Moniz, Kaltenborn is confident that the team will still be able to score points in the season 2017, despite a missed opportunity in Melbourne.

During the race weekend in albert Park, the Swiss stable was the slowest in speed, but in qualifying, Marcus Ericsson was able to climb to 15th place, and in the race to rookie Antonio Giovinazzi finished 12th.

In 2017, the last year’s Sauber uses the Ferrari engine specification, therefore, the first phase of the season where the difference between the new and the old version was not too large, wards, Kaltenborn was probably one of the best chances for points.

“I think that points are still possible, – quotes Kaltenborn AUTOSPORT. We know this engine, so you can focus on the chassis. Will try to do everything to compensate for this, no matter how large it may be. At some stages this deficiency may be less noticeable, so we might have a chance for points.

Of course, we managed to reduce the backlog from a few teams, but we need to keep working to get closer to him even more.

We see that we have the pace, you just need to avoid accidents and is better for spending skill”.

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