Mercedes needs to prove the strength of attachment of the T-shaped wing before the third session

Mercedes должна доказать прочность крепления Т-образного крыла перед третьей тренировкой

The FIA has asked team Mercedes to provide evidence of the mounting strength of its T-shaped wing before the start of the third training session of the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Since the beginning of the season twice already this wing flew off the car of Valtteri Bottas – and the last time happened during the second training stage in Bahrain. Ward of the Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen even has damaged the bottom, hit accidentally on the chip of this wing. The boss of the Austrian team Christian Horner was annoyed of the situation and demanded to ban the T-shaped wings.

FIA, in turn, asked his technical delegate Jo Bauer to test mount the wing to the car. If it does not pass inspection, the team will be asked to remove the item.

On Saturday morning, the car of teammate Valtteri Lewis Hamilton tested by the FIA, however, the T-shaped wing on the car were absent.

Director Haas Gunther Steiner is confident that it is not necessary to ban this member, you just need to consider each case individually.

“From cars before parts fall off, so the FIA just needs to resolve the issue with Mercedes – explained Steiner in an interview with AUTOSPORT. – I do not know why they were breaking, they have to explain everything to the FIA, which will take a deliberate decision.

Is that front spoiler off. Last year we had it but we fixed it. In the end, nobody was to prohibit front spoiler.

Again, last year Toro Rosso had problems with wheels, but in the end everything was resolved, and again no one was banned.

Now the same thing. The fact that someone doesn’t like the T-shaped wing doesn’t mean it should be banned”.

In the first stage of the season Haas also asked to remove the T-shaped wing, but the team was able to change the design of the attachment.

The FIA however already hinted that shark fins and T-shaped wings should be gone by the season 2018.

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