Mercedes Honda will help in solving engine problems

Mercedes поможет Honda в решении проблем с двигателем

Honda mechanics can get help from Mercedes in the solution of problems with his power unit.

Japanese companies had hoped to sort out problems with power and reliability that emerged in the pre-season tests, but after the first hard races in 2017 has revised his point of view and is rumored to have consulted with Mercedes.

The details of cooperation has not yet been determined, but it is believed that the focus in the interaction will be given electronic components and hybrid power plant.

It is also expected that Honda could help the company Ilmor, headed by the famous guru motors Mario Illiano.

“We’re doing all we can, – quotes the head of the Honda F1 project Yusuke Hasegawa AUTOSPORT. – We use all resources available externally. Since the beginning of March was almost completely changed organization. I think the process has become better, but to change something in the concept it was too late. Of course, it’s not easy, because the change of engine modifications requires time. We managed to make progress in refining some elements, but completely the power plant is not ready yet”.

To the question about collaboration with Ilmor Hasegawa said, “We do not disclose information about consultants or suppliers, but use a lot of external resources”.

Project leader of the Honda F1 also refused to confirm rumors of help from Mercedes, but added that Japanese engineers are working with experts who were previously associated with other engine manufacturers in Formula 1.

“Of course, we have a lot of people from Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault, so from this point of view we can say that we are spying on their ideas,” continued Hasegawa.

In the Mercedes on the query AUTOSPORT declined to comment on the talk about helping Honda.

Red Bull Racing has already objected to the possible cooperation of the two minders, comparing it with the use of intellectual property, which, like the use of client chassis, is prohibited.

But Mercedes and Honda do not need approval from the other teams to start working together. Parties is enough to agree about cooperation.

It is expected that this issue will be discussed at the meeting of the Strategic Group next Tuesday, although not included formally in the agenda.

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