Max Verstappen: I’d Like to swap engine with Perez for one day

Макс Ферстаппен: Хотел бы я поменяться двигателем с Пересом на один день

Racer Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen did not agree with the statement of Sergio Perez that the Renault engine is not inferior to the Mercedes and Ferrari power.

According to the Dutch, the French motor company continues to be not enough horsepower on the straights.

Sergio Perez Mercedes has no advantage over competitors in the power

“Of course, Renault are working hard, – quotes AUTOSPORT Verstappen. We also do our best to improve the car.

But I think the backlog is still serious, so we must continue to work hard together to make progress in the next races”

To the question about why he said that Red Bull Racing prepares to race hard in Sochi, Verstappen said: “it’s a lack of power on the straights. Due to the difference in the level of downforce we are unable to regain the lead in turns”.

Commenting on claims by some riders that the motors are three manufacturers are roughly equal in power, Max said, “I would like to swap them engines for one day. I think after that they would change opinion.”

Verstappen added that one example of the advantages of the Mercedes is the engine power in qualifying mode.

“In the race they don’t use this mode because the engine can’t run the whole distance, – continued the Dutchman. – That’s why they look better in qualifying. We have such a regime of power [in qualifying], but the situation looks more or less the same.”

At the Bahrain Grand Prix, Red Bull Racing was to the two leaders closer than on stages in Australia and China, but Verstappen explanation of this progress.

“It’s hard to say – said Max, adding that the team is not brought in Bahrain nothing special. I was a little surprised that we were closer to them in comparison with the previous stages. The balance of the car in qualifying was decent and I was able to get the maximum from the car. But hardly we found some kind of miracle solution.”

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