Mark Surer: Formula 1 do not need engines with one turbine

Марк Зурер: Формуле 1 не нужны двигатели с одной турбиной

Former F1 racer and now the expert of the German TV channel Sky mark Surer said that from 2014 the engines of new cars sound bad because of one turbine.

In late March, the FIA decided that from 2021 the engines will be easier and cheaper. However, the FIA President Jean Todt has made it clear he did not intend to return to Formula 1 popular in its time, the V8, V10 or V12.

“Now the main problem of the Formula 1, quoted in Surera Speedweek. – Albert Park fans immediately realized that in 2017 it failed to solve, and one turbine is simply impossible to do.

We have two turbines, but in this case, difficulties arise with energy recovery from the exhaust gases carried out by the thermal energy generator (MGU-H)”.

Surer noted that the Formula 1 it is important to be ahead of the rest in technical terms, but now the FIA need to solve an important dilemma: either the sound or technology.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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