Mansour young OGA: Confession Honda will not help

Мансур Оджей: Признание вины Honda делу не поможет

McLaren co-owner Mansour ojei young, commenting on the situation in the team, made it clear that it is very dissatisfied with the lack of power and reliability of the Honda engine.

“The situation is a huge disappointment, including in the camp of Honda, said young OGA in an interview with the French publication Auto Hedbo. – We promised a lot, so it’s very frustrating that we got so little. Honda admit their guilt, but our situation is not getting any better.

Currently we are working on various scenarios, which I can’t talk right now. We spend a lot of time and effort to find a solution. Our team is used to winning, and this can’t go on.”

Young OGA also shared his opinion about the decision of Fernando Alonso to act as “500 miles of Indianapolis”.

“Fernando is a great driver. In the past two years, he faced many challenges – continued shareholder McLaren. I told him that participation in Indianapolis – it’s crazy. But then we talked with Juan-Pablo Montoya, who called not to worry and assured that Fernando is adapting quickly.

In addition, Alonso wants to win “24 hours of Le Mans.” Personally I want to see McLaren back in this race. But Fernando wants to achieve success in LMP1.

For us the main priority at the moment is getting a competitive engine to F1″.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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