Lewis Hamilton: Sebastian Vettel of respect for each other

Льюис Хэмилтон: Мы с Себастьяном Феттелем уважаем друг друга

Pilot Mercedes Lewis Hamilton admitted that none of the confrontations during his career in F1, he had never experienced such mutual respect with the opponent as the battle with Sebastian Vettel.

In the season of 2017, the Ferrari driver won the Australian Grand Prix, while Hamilton won in China.

For two, Sebastian and Lewis got seven League titles, but directly with each other for the championship still did not fight. Despite the rivalry in 2017, they have great respect to each other.

Lewis Hamilton: the Struggle would have been tighter if not for the safety car

“Honestly, I think that our relationship will not change, – quotes Hamilton AUTOSPORT.com. Nobody knows what will happen: perhaps in the future we will be with him desperately fighting on the track, and some of us will consider that the opponent cheated or was too aggressive. Anything can happen.

But we adults have been through a lot and have experienced a lot.

I have never felt such respect from an opponent of his caliber. It sportsmanship: when you win, you enjoy it, but also pay tribute to pilot who’s standing next to you. When you lose, you behave in the same way.

We both behave and it’s great. If we talk about competition, we want to destroy each other on the track, but beyond admiring the achievements of each other.

Now Sebastian is doing better than ever. This is a phenomenally fast driver and Ferrari is now stronger than ever over the last ten years. But I also think that Mercedes is also as strong as ever. So when I get first, it says that I did a fantastic job.

We want to fight the best, because when you beat the best, you get more satisfaction from success. That’s why I like our confrontation.

Sebastian and say that we want to champion the battle lasted until the end of the season. I just hope that our struggle will not interfering the technical factor.

I wish we competed in perseverance, mental endurance, physical training, discipline. But when in the course of events interfering extraneous things, such as the departure of the safety car or technical problems on the machines, it downplays the factor of entertainment in the confrontation”.

Льюис Хэмилтон: Мы с Себастьяном Феттелем уважаем друг друга
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