Kelly Peak: I didn’t plan to meet with F1 hansika

Келли Пике: Я не планировала встречаться с гоншиком Ф1

Beloved Daniil Kvyat Kelly Piquet in an interview told the story of the development of relations with the Russian pilot, and also told why it is easier to perceive difficult life rhythm racer F1.

Kelly belongs to the well-known Motorsport family: her father, Nelson Piquet, is a three-time world champion, and a brother, Nelson, played in one team with Fernando Alonso in F1.

“You know, I did not wanted to meet the driver, – admitted Kelly. When we met with Daniel, of course I knew who he was by profession, but for me it did not play and could not play a primary role. Just ordered life”.

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Kelly told the story of meeting with Daniel: “It happened in Monaco, on vacation. We were introduced by our common friend, and in fact the only thing that Danya and I said to each other during the first meeting: “hi!”

It was summer, I wanted a quiet relaxing holiday and in any case, no extraordinary events! Dan was configured exactly the same. So we started and continued as a very easy. We went to the beach, talked, walked — in General, just talked, and then when the vacation is over, began to write. It lasted a few months before our relationship became something more and in the first months it was just friendship.”


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Kelly added that, despite your family history, race has never held too much of her life: “in General, if to speak about the past, I have not been able to sicken the race. My dad long ago stopped to appear. And brother retired from Formula 1.

I used to, of course, came to cheer for him, but that was long ago. Therefore, trips to race weekends with Daniel, right now the only connection I have with racing. I can see not on the podium at every Grand Prix. Just when I have the opportunity, I always try to come. Perhaps, it is hard to imagine a woman who would accompany her husband on the job constantly, and that we have it happens not always, only from time to time.”

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However, according to Kelly, she understood the life of a F1 driver: “Perhaps my family with its racing history prepared me for the fact that the specific life of the pilot Формулы1 I understand to a much greater extent than perhaps someone else who is not in contact with this way of life so close. For example, the fact that the man so long missing at home, and that he can not do otherwise, because for him it’s important… I don’t ask Dana for this reason no questions, and he did not have to explain anything to me”.

According to the daughter of Nelson Piquet, Daniel has a great personality and love of life that she particularly liked in him: “Dan is a very light, positive, cheerful person, he has a good soul, and what makes me particularly attracted to and admires, he knows how to enjoy very simple things. Yes, he has been working hard, but I love that he knows how to relax.

It is easy to persuade to go out together, to go to the beach or to drive and visit on the weekend in another city. To see her parents. By the way, I really like his family, and I’m always happy to go with a Tribute to his parents”.

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