Jean Todt: I Want that motor sport continued to develop in Russia

Жан Тодт: Хочу, чтобы автоспорт продолжал развиваться в России

The President of the International automobile Federation Jean Todt has admitted that his priority is the development of Motorsport in Russia, because it can help to solve one of the main problems in the country – namely, too high level of incidents on the road per year compared to many other countries.

“I am glad that in Russia there is a Formula 1, and I hope that in this vast country will be conducted and WRC, WEC, – said the President in an interview . – Here came the World touring, and there are competitions for karting.

I would like to see Motorsport in Russia is developing on a continuous basis, and this is possible thanks to the efforts of the Russian automobile Federation and its President, my friend Victor Kiryanov.

Thanks to Motorsport we will be able to raise the issue of road safety in Russia, because here every year and car accidents killed 25 thousand people – a figure totally unacceptable. President Putin with Viktor Kiryanov always pay special attention to this issue, so thanks to Autosport we had the opportunity to bring this important subject to everyone.”

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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