Honda puzzled by the problems with the motor in Bahrain

В Honda озадачены проблемами с мотором в Бахрейне

In the camp of the Honda identified a recurring problem with the MGU-H, on which the engine failed on MCL32 Fernando Alonso in the second segment of qualifying at Sakhir.

The Spaniard was able to overcome the barrier of the first segment and after qualifying, said that could compete for 13th or 14th place on the grid. However, in the second part of the race on his car engine failed, which he was unable to get any fast lap.

Later it became known that Honda will completely replace the power unit on the car Alonso before the start of the GP of Bahrain.

Fernando Alonso will replace the engine before the race in Bahrain reports that the wreckage of the broken MGU-H is stuck in the internal combustion engine, and caused irreparable damage to the powertrain.

Before giving up on the car Alonso on Friday MCL32 of Stoffele of Vandorn, there were two similar problems with MGU-H.

The head of Motorsport division, Honda Yusuke Hasegawa said that in the camp the Japanese manufacturer do not understand the reasons of sudden occurrence of such faults in Bahrain.

“We are not sure what led to the failure, but exactly what it was mechanical failure MGU-H, – said Yusuke. Something happened to the bearings, they just stuck. They are all broken, so we need a complete replacement.

We don’t know why this problem occurred three times, and it is here. Perhaps the reason lies in the excessively high temperatures.”

В Honda озадачены проблемами с мотором в Бахрейне

Hasegawa was confident that both cars will finish the race, but McLaren are concerned that the defect MGU-H can occur even during the Grand Prix.

“Now there is no sense to talk about pickups, – said Alonso after the qualification had a serious conversation with Hasegawa in the McLaren. – We can’t go round in qualifying.

What’s the point talking about speed, if we are not able to finish any races this season”.

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