Honda is in talks with several potential teams, clients

Honda ведет переговоры с несколькими потенциальными командами-клиентами

Japanese manufacturer Honda, collaborating with the McLaren team in F1, has confirmed that carries on negotiations with two more teams to supply engines in F1.

After the arrival of the F1 manufacturer has repeatedly stated that it is configured to work mostly with McLaren, but recently it became known that the main contender to receive Japanese motors is Sauber.

It is expected that an official confirmation could happen at the Grand Prix of Russia.

Head of the division of Honda in F1 Yusuke Hasegawa did not go into details, but recognized the advantages of working with multiple teams-clients “From the very beginning in Formula 1, we undertook to develop and maintain this community, so collaboration with different teams – it is our duty.

In addition, it will benefit us because we can gather more data about the engine. We do not deny that will supply engines to two or even three teams.

We are negotiating with different teams, but we can’t reveal any details”.

Honda ведет переговоры с несколькими потенциальными командами-клиентами

Honda still puts the main objective the establishment of relations with McLaren. According to Matt Morris, technical Director of the team from Woking, tough start to the season has led to the deterioration of the relationship with the Japanese manufacturer.

“The relationship is strong, but tense, explained Morris. – Difficulties, as a rule, bring together. We had to accept the fact that there is so many problems with reliability. We did not expect.

However, we have experienced disappointment and must now like a normal adult and discuss ways out of the situation.

We have supported Honda in every way. The manufacturer sets ambitious targets for this year. If they are destined to achieve, then everything will change, because we have the perfect chassis”.

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