Haas returned to the use of Brembo brakes

Haas вернулась к использованию тормозов Brembo

The Haas team made a decision to return to the Brembo brakes of production during the remaining part of the race weekend of the Grand Prix of Russia.

At the Friday practice of the American stable, as on the tests in Bahrain, worked on the brake system Carbone Industrie in trying to solve the problem first arose in the middle of last season.

In General, Haas was pleased, but due to some problems with cooling the new drives they had to return to the previous supplier.

“While we do not fully understand the work of the new brakes, so it was a test session for us, – quotes the AUTOSPORT team principal Gunther Steiner. – As can be seen, the braking of the discs flying carbon dust. It was the same on the tests in Bahrain. But we develop several variants of the cooling system, so that everything will be fine. Just adaptation takes some time.”

Next week, Haas plans to conduct tests in a wind tunnel.

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