Haas boasts an early transition to the design of the vehicle-2017

Haas гордится ранним переходом на конструирование машины-2017

Director Haas Gunther Steiner said that the American team made the right decision by switching my attention to the car, 2017 in the middle of 2016.

In his debut campaign Haas scored points in three of the first four Grand Prix, but then the results of the American team went on the decline, resulting in the Cup of designers, the brainchild of Gene Haas became the eighth.

However, a decline in results there is a logical explanation: starting in may of 2016 Haas blew in the wind tunnel exclusively car-2017, as thoroughly preparing for the introduction of new technical regulations.

“We made a step forward in comparison with last year: on the one hand, it is quite natural, on the other hand it can not but rejoice, – said Gunter. Last year we debuted in F1 and have played well. We needed to add and we this progress shown.

Machine-2017 looks more competitive than the car in 2016. It seems that the team began to work better, acting in accordance with the plan drawn up last year.

We always said that we need to add in training for racing.

But to hire the necessary staff, takes time. New staff joined the team at the end of 2016, and as of the beginning of 2017, our plan is working”.

Haas гордится ранним переходом на конструирование машины-2017
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Romain Grosjean also noted the importance of recruiting high-quality staff, adding: “Now our team consists of more people. This allows us to analyze more information which is great.

If we have problems, we can rely on people who are able to implement key changes in tires, aerodynamics and so forth.”

Kevin Magnussen produced the first points for the team in 2017 in China, and finished eighth, while Grosjean has repeated this achievement in Bahrain.

At the moment Haas is ranked seventh in the constructors ‘ championship, competing with Williams, Force India, Renault and Toro Rosso.

“This year we look much more solid. Haas holds only the second season in F1 and already struggling with Williams and Renault, formerly known as Toleman, Benetton… This is a demonstration that we are doing a great job – continued Steiner. – Maybe we can soon make a competition to the top teams, but we are happy to fight for the right to be called the best team of the middle tier. It all requires effort. We face a quality team with a strong staff, but we are bringing them the fight, and it’s great.”

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