FIA: We have reached parity engines

FIA: Мы достигли паритета двигателей

The international automobile Federation (FIA) said that now the difference in speed between the three leading engine manufacturers is less than 0.3 seconds.

At last year’s meeting during the Grand Prix of Spain, the Federation and the manufacturers agreed to move towards parity engines.

After a detailed analysis of the performance of four different power plants at the first three Grand Prix of 2017 FIA came to the conclusion that Mercedes, Ferrari and Renault parts in theory, just 0.3 seconds on the circle of the Catalan track.

FIA race Director Charlie whiting admitted that the computational process was more difficult than originally planned.

The teams reported the results at the last meeting of the Strategic group this week.

Rumor has it that this conclusion is the FIA didn’t like Red Bull, whiting, however, rejected all objections, because the methodology of calculation was agreed by all manufacturers, and the Federation clearly followed all instructions.

“All agreed with the method of the study, was quoted for the First time in AUTOSPORT. All four manufacturers for several hours invented this complicated way, while the team did not participate.

I admit that the results anyone was surprised, but confirmed that we reached parity engines. To review them we are not going, at least in the next year.”

Whiting also said that Honda will not be getting special treatment in the regulations to catch up with the other three manufacturers: “the Question of assistance do not stand. We needed to confirm that all measures to achieve parity engines worked”.

Whiting added that the FIA will continue to evaluate the performance of the engines during the season.

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Source translated by Яндекс.Переводчик

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