Ferrari spoke about the technical problems on the cars of Raikkonen and Vettel

В Ferrari рассказали о технических проблемах на машинах Райкконена и Феттеля

The Ferrari team is hoping to rebuild the engine failed on the car Kimi Raikkonen in the first practice session of the Bahrain Grand Prix, according to AUTOSPORT.

Finnish driver was forced to stop the car on the side after the rear of his car began to smoke. As reported in Ferrari, the reason was the failure of the turbine, which in the meantime has been replaced along with the internal combustion engine and a generator the MGU-H.

“It is obvious that the car Kimi had problems with the power plant, said the technical Director of Ferrari’s Mattia Binotto. As a precaution we have replaced before the next practice. It was important to make sure that Kimi will be able to hold a session without problems.

We have yet to discover the exact cause of failure. We analyzed all the details and hope that the power plant will be suitable for further use”.

В Ferrari рассказали о технических проблемах на машинах Райкконена и Феттеля

Himself Raikkonen, who became the fourth in the second practice, did not exaggerate the gravity of the problem.

“Stopping on the track has nothing to do with the engine. There was a problem with the turbine – said Kimi. – It happened in the beginning of the session, so the guys in the team did a good job removing the damage and preparing the machine to the second training session.

Things could be better, but it happens”.

During the evening training session, the second Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel slowed down exactly where a few hours before your car parked Raikkonen. However, unlike the partner, the German got to the boxes and after a brief pause returned to the track.

As said Binotto, having a minor issue with the electrics, so need to worry there.

“Must’ve been some kind of glitch, because it went out the entire instrument panel, said Vettel. – As we have seen, further, no damage was not. We were lucky that the problem occurred at the end of the round.

In modern machines uses a lot of technology and sophisticated software, so probably just some kind of failure”.

Live text commentary from the second training the Grand Prix of Bahrain with the photos and videos you can view on our website.

В Ferrari рассказали о технических проблемах на машинах Райкконена и Феттеля

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