Fernando Alonso: McLaren losing 2.5 seconds per lap in Sochi only on direct

Фернандо Алонсо: McLaren проигрывает 2,5 секунды на круге в Сочи только на прямых

Racer McLaren’s Fernando Alonso said after qualifying for the Grand Prix of Russia, which MCL32 because of a shortage of engine power Honda is losing 2.5 seconds on the straights each lap in Sochi.

The qualification of Grand Prix of Russia the First shot of Ferrari since 2008!

The Spaniard completed a qualification at the 15th position behind 3,466 seconds from the pole position winner Sebastian Vettel.

“It’s just unbelievable that we are losing so much on the straights, admitted Alonso. – On the first sector, where one turn, we lost 1.3 seconds, and this without any problems.

In General, we are losing 2.5 seconds on the straights at this track. We knew about it, but in qualifying still always want more.”

Alonso was delighted with their own work, despite the fact that lost in the second segment 0.3 seconds own result in Q1. The Spaniard then surpassed the time his partner Stoffele of Vandorn 0.7 seconds.

“I think it was a perfect qualification,’ said Alonso. In the second segment I made a couple of mistakes, but the circle in Q1 was unprecedented. I was 0.7 seconds ahead of his partner, which, incidentally, won in all categories prior to F1. This proves that I am still in top form”.

Alonso had never finished in the races this season, added that the Grand Prix of Russia is unlikely to be easier.

“Every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday I try to reply in the most polite way to all of your questions, but in Formula 1 nothing will change, – said Alonso. – It is clear that Ferrari and Mercedes will fight for the championship; Red Bull will try to get on the podium; that Williams is in the glasses, and the other will try to snatch points if they allow it.

Of course we will give our all in the race, however, their capabilities we are aware”.

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