Felipe Massa angry remark of max Verstappen about Brazilians

Фелипе Массу разозлила ремарка Макса Ферстаппена о бразильцах

Pilot Williams Felipe Massa was unhappy with the careless remark of the Red Bull Racing driver max Verstappen in respect of Brazilians, according to AUTOSPORT.com.

Max was angry a Lot after qualifying because he thought Felipe ruined his warm-up lap before a quick attempt in the third qualifying segment, when we plunged into the inner radius in front of the Dutchman in the last corner.

When Verstappen was asked to comment on the incident with the Mass, he in joking manner said, “He’s Brazilian. There is nothing to discuss”.

This comment aroused the indignation of the Brazilian fans and the Felipe, who decided to discuss the situation with max one-on-one.

“Before the race I said to him: “Careful with words, because at the end of the year you’ll be at the Grand Prix of Brazil, you have to be there. You need to carefully choose my words”.

Of course, it was wrong to talk about the Brazilians, because he doesn’t understand what I said.

On the track I am in no way prevented him. Maybe he was looking for a reason to blame someone for losing to a team mate.

I told him: “the same thing happened between me and Nico [Hulkenberg]. Did you hear anyone complaining?” Before starting a fast lap you should be in a better position. If you have not, you’re to blame myself.”

Фелипе Массу разозлила ремарка Макса Ферстаппена о бразильцах
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