Daniel ricciardo: I don’t think about anything except Formula 1

Даниэль Риккардо: Пока я не думаю ни о чём, кроме Формулы 1

Daniel Riccardo I would like to take part in Le Mans, but already in the twilight of his career in F1.

Riccardo believes that the participation of Fernando Alonso in the famous race, the Indy 500 will help open doors for F1 drivers in other series.

Before the start of the Bahrain Grand Prix, Alonso announced that it will miss the Monaco Grand Prix due to participation in the Indy 500.

Riccardo honestly say that I would not miss a race like the Monaco Grand Prix, but still respects the decision of his colleagues.

“I wouldn’t miss Monaco, was quoted in the Australian Crash.net. – Fernando will not come to an important stage, although when you are not fighting among the leaders, the race can seem long and boring.

So I would prefer the “Daytona 500” race at Indianapolis. Last me not a little scary. But still cool that Fernando decided on this. I’m sure he picked the right time.

For him, this race will open up new opportunities, besides it will make a good team. I can imagine how much he is disappointed because of the current situation in F1, so I would too at his age and position would have taken this step.”

Riccardo had previously expressed an interest to compete in the race “24 hours of Le Mans”, however, until it is the main item on his to-do list.

“We’ll see how everything goes. I think it would open for me new opportunities, – said Daniel. – Possibly by the end of his career in F1, I would have looked into the new options, but still for me there is nothing more attractive than Formula 1”.

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