Daniel Riccardo We have to take a big step forward to catch up with the leaders

Даниэль Риккардо: Мы должны сделать большой шаг вперёд, чтобы догнать лидеров

Ahead of the race weekend of the Grand Prix Daniel Riccardo said that a big update machine RB13 team Red Bull Racing will present the next stage in Barcelona.

“If we talk about Barcelona, here, rather, we are talking about hope, than about expectations. If we want to catch up with Ferrari and Mercedes, it must make a big step forward, – quotes Riccardo SpeedWeek. – All fans want to see a battle of three teams for winning the championship. Me too! A year ago in Sochi, we lost time pole position Mercedes of 1.5 seconds, but in Spain reduced the gap to half a second, and Monaco won the pole. Same progress, we need it now.

To be on a par with Mercedes and Ferrari, we need to pick up everything. But I am fully confident in our team and believe that we can achieve serious progress”.

As for private performances, the Aussie said: “I have not forgotten anything for the offseason! I have nothing to reproach himself. We just need to understand what areas of the machine should be further developed in the first place to pick up some speed. Unfortunately, it always takes time. So I can say with all modesty that the driver here at anything”.

Sochi Autodrom is known for its smooth finish, requiring a special approach to tire.

“The asphalt is very smooth, tyres virtually no wear. Thus, burnout is sometimes it takes a few laps – continued ricciardo. – We are not so effectively work with the tires as the racers Mercedes and Ferrari, but on the tests in Bahrain have conducted some experiments. So I do not expect problems here. But Ferrari and Mercedes are likely to be faster.”

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