Cyril Abitbul: it will be difficult to reach consensus on new engines

Сирил Абитбуль: Нам будет сложно достичь консенсуса по новым двигателям

Head of Renault Sport’s Cyril Abitbul believes that Formula 1 will have to struggle with the rules on engines 2021 to make it attractive for new manufacturers.

According to the results of the meeting last month an agreement was reached to replace the current V6 hybrid engines with turbocharging on a more simple, cheap and noisy engines.

“Because of the complexity of the technology, we will not be easy to find the answer to many questions, admitted Abitbul in an interview with AUTOSPORT. – We need to meet the interests of automakers that sponsor the sport in its current business model.

You can probably work in another model, where the brands are not so important, but yet reality dictates different rules.

It is also necessary to satisfy the interests of fans and teams customers. In General, this is a difficult question and need to reach consensus on the pluses and minuses of the situation.

To find a solution will be difficult not only for political reasons or due to competitive advantages, because there are always those who are on top will defend their positions. It is difficult to solve the problem, which revealed the teams, the FIA and Liberty”.

In the first meeting, it was decided not to remove the hybrid element and focus on the sound of the engine.

“Electrification will not go away because we need hybrids – continued Abitbul. – We need to find a balance between hybrid technology and an internal combustion engine, but it should not go to the detriment of the show.

Formula 1 should be loud and catchy for the fans, but while it is not”.

Renault has long spoken of the importance of cost control in Formula 1 and the introduction of budget constraints.

“Without going into technical details, I want to say that automakers and customers is too expensive all costs – continued Abitbul. – We agree to limit the budget, because it would solve many problems.

But what to do? This is a common problem, which together we hope will be solved”.

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