Cyril Abitbul: it is In our interest to give Sergey Sirotkin place of combat pilot F1

Сирил Абитбуль: В наших интересах предоставить Сергею Сироткину место боевого пилота Ф1

Head of Renault Sport’s Cyril Abitbul within the weekend in Sochi, told about the plans of the French factory team with Sergei Sirotkina.

In the first exercise the Russians couldn’t drive a single lap due to a problem with the gear box, which greatly disrupted the team’s plans.

“It is a huge disappointment for everyone. Sergey is very focused on the job and he is seriously preparing for this day – admitted Cyril. – So I really feel sorry for him, because after all the training he completed only one installation lap. Also, I pity the team that lost the opportunity to continue working with the new products.

Sergey Sirotkin: it didn’t go as planned

New machines such narrow working window, which requires up the correct settings. And given the use of the updates we were especially important to work Friday. But the morning didn’t go as we would like.

We don’t understand why broke this part in the gearbox, but I wouldn’t call it a failure in Formula 1 is no place for bad luck, so we seriously need to sort out what happened.

Luckily, Sergei had already done a lot of circles on the tests in Bahrain – much more than he could drive in free practice. We have a program for Sergei for the whole season. I can already tell that he will again be behind the wheel of our car in the first practice session in Barcelona in two weeks.

What’s next – we’ll see. We have a lot of ideas about how to continue to develop pitching, so that eventually he became a combat pilot of Formula 1″.

Abitbul added that the team is going to use Sergei, not only within the test work this year: “For each pilot, it is important that he had the opportunity to participate in the races. Even in F1 this year to participate does not, we should still look for any opportunities for performance. I would like to participate in a single series, so he wouldn’t have to change your perception of the car”.

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