Christian Horner wants clear rules of positioning on the starting grid

Кристиан Хорнер хочет четких правил позиционирования на стартовой решетке

The head of the Red Bull Racing Christian Horner did not like the trick of Sebastian Vettel with a left offset on the starting grid Grand Prix of China.

The Germans did, perhaps intentionally, but the FIA stewards decided ultimately not to punish.

F1 sporting regulations did not specify that the rider should position the machine within the starting markup, it only says: “After the warm-up lap, the riders shall be placed according to their starting positions”.

“Clear and understandable what and why he was doing, trying to get closer to a more dry part of the track, was quoted as saying Horner to AUTOSPORT. – It would be nice to clarify the rules and to understand that it’s just a line or still a clear limiter.

I remember we already discussed this issue [in Japan last year]. Now Vettel, of course, any benefits received, but to understand the rules still need”.

Last year in Japan because of the rain, the FIA has allowed Daniel ricciardo to start slightly out of its position on the track. At the same time to a similar request to Mercedes, the Federation refused.

Yet the FIA proposes to use as a tool for proper positioning of vehicles on the road common sense.

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