Christian Horner: FIA did not achieve parity engines

Кристиан Хорнер: FIA не добилась паритета двигателей

The head of the Red Bull Racing Christian Horner believes that the FIA reached parity in power, despite the fact that on Friday in the paddock of Sochi Autodrom stated Charlie whiting.

FIA: We have reached parity engines

Christian is confident that the FIA uses the wrong criterion of counting in the field of parity engines.

Into question the calculations put the FIA and the results of the qualification in Sochi: for example, the best pilot with the Renault engine, which was Daniel ricciardo, lost to the winner of the pole position 1,711 seconds.

“The problem is in the methodology, î said Horner in an interview – They do not include the circles, which are faster for half a second. This is a very convenient formula. Just look at the sample to see what is no parity.

It is obvious that FIA doesn’t want to delve into these issues.”

Кристиан Хорнер: FIA не добилась паритета двигателей

Agreed with the boss of the team and its pilot Max Verstappen saying: “I heard they are estimates: they eliminate all fast circles that run in the military mode of the engine. So counting is impossible.

In the end we know that we need to add both in the field of chassis and propulsion. I can tell you for sure that the power we give more than 0.3 seconds”.

Daniel ricciardo agreed with max, saying: “I’m ready to put my money on it.”

But the pilot Toro Rosso Carlos Sainz verdict of the FIA and did laugh.

“This week I learned that the FIA said that the best three engine separated by only 0.3 seconds. At first I wanted to make fun of that statement on Twitter, said Sainz at the end of the training, where he became 11th. – And then Peres said, “Yes, it’s true.” I almost laughed when he heard it. I think max was also difficult to hold back the laughter.

We have made progress, and Renault have also made progress. If there has been no raise, then Nico wouldn’t be as high in qualifying. However, we lose the Mercedes power is not less than 0.5 seconds.

In the race the situation is more optimistic for us. But in qualifying the Mercedes engine is more powerful on a second or even more.”

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