Blog Of Sergey Sirotkin. The alignment of forces in the Grand Prix of China will not change, Ferrari and Mercedes will be ahead

Блог Сергея Сироткина. Расстановка сил на Гран При Китая не изменится: Ferrari и Mercedes будут впереди

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This week the backup driver of Renault and the Russian pilot program SMP Racing’s Sergey Sirotkin says about the upcoming Grand Prix of China.

After Australian custom track with lots of bumps, small areas, security and other technical issues it’s time of the circuit in Shanghai.

Something this simple, something on the contrary – difficult. It combines both slow corners with hard braking and difficult traction areas, and completely opposite to them quick turns, flowing into each other.

There are fast curves, where important downforce of the car, but do not forget about the long straight, which requires a minimum of aerodynamic drag. This gives teams a huge selection from the point of view of in what direction it is necessary to lean in the selection of the optimal settings of aerodynamic and mechanical. Right or wrong decision in the selection area of the settings may give a large scatter in the results. This will be very interesting to watch.

As to the balance of power, then, probably, do not expect any significant changes after Australia Ferrari and Mercedes will be ahead. Perhaps some long turns in Shanghai will be the element Red Bull Racing: not that the team will be able to play this time, but definitely will not be his to lose.

On a long straight will have a chance to win and the teams whose machines are configured with lower aerodynamic drag and more powerful engine.

In China, little will change because this is not a race to which teams bring many updates: in fact, the machine will be the same as in Australia. The balance of power, in my opinion, will remain the same.

You should pay attention to the fact that the teams whose machines are better worked through the bumps and curbs on the uneven pavement of Melbourne [they had the advantage not so much by the speed as such, and how much due to the ease and predictability in the management] may face certain difficulties in the smooth fabric of Shanghai.

Thus, in China, the result will be more influence the maximum pace of the car, its a pure “performance” than how it is easy to operate and allows for some error.

I’m flying to Shanghai back to back. Time will not be enough. So hard to imagine if I will be able to see the sights and walk around the city.

How do you like my new haircut, by the way?

Leaving to Shanghai! How do you like my new haircut?:) Fly to Shanghai! How do you like my new haircut?:) @smp_racing @renaultsportf1 @f1 #aeroflot #shanghai

Publication from Sergey Sirotkin (@sergeysirotkin_official) APR 4 2017 9:49 PDT

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